Zsofia Kollar

I tend to put materials in a different perspective.

Zsofia’s idea of the design-discipline is not fixed but in flux, her work is intriguing and shows a keen sense of humor. There is an interestingly weird uncannyness in the research into what a McGuffin could mean outside the realm of the cinema or fiction. Her quest to understand the relation between the objects and their context is ongoing and exciting.

Zsofia likes to play with the human mind. She often looks at things from a different point of view and shows them in a new perspective. She likes to work with natural materials and find unknown qualities in them. Zsofia can find materials fascinating that often others find repulsive, but in her design she tries to make us forget and her materials gain new meanings. Sometimes her design is absurd, but the world is absurd too. People do strange things constantly, to the extent that we manage not to see them. She likes to make strange things and show them to people.